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Eden Resort Phu Quoc, an oasis of beauty located on the western shoreline of Phu Quoc Island, is 20 minutes from the airport and only a stone's throw away from a stunning white
sandy beach that is fringed on its edges with calm and clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand.
From Rate: U$ 33
Hon Trem resort is a closed tourist and convalescence service area with 14 villas on halfway up the hill, a 80 room hotel was built inshore in hill base. All rooms have window and balcony for tourist to enjoy the whole view of poetic Phu Tu island tourist area.
From Rate: U$ 26
Three guys from Augsburg/Germany have realized here their tropical paradise. Visit the Phu Quoc Resort Thang Loi at the Ong Lang Beach. Recommended by Lonely Planet and by Rough Guide.

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